Super excited to bring to you two gorgeous illustrations available from Petrolified of Sonic & Scarlett. These images have been meticulously created with the finest detail from the shadow and depth in the taillights to the inscription on the wheel caps.





At Petrolified, they strive for each of their prints to match the quality of the cars they depict.

After many years of trying (and failing) to have their artworks printed at the quality they've aimed for, they've decided to invest in being able to print these in house. All prints are now so called "Giclée" printed on a large-format Epson printer. The printer utilises 9 different inks, accounting for better reproduction of colours and gradients and has four times the print resolution you'd find at a regular, magazine-type print.

Picking the right paper was a story of it's own... Combining best of all worlds the print industry has to offer is this satin-finished Pearl paper by Hahnemühle. It produces great, rich colours with beautiful contrasts, the details are sharp and the surface has just the right amount of shine.

This is the type of print you’d find used for museum-grade work and it should without breaking a sweat last 50 to 100 years.



Petrolified’s very first illustrations were rather simple with little attention to detail. As time has passed and more cars went through their hands they’ve studied the behaviour of light and shade closer. 

They’ve looked at how reflections shape the surface of chrome and how even the little adjustments in colour make a huge difference.

They’ve moved from mimicking what they’ve seen in photos to what they believe should highlight the contours of these iconic cars. What you see above is the result of hours of research, looking for resource photographs on the internet, days and nights spent sitting behind the computer illustrating each car and years of practice, trying to improve upon every line they draw.



The most essential part of owning any artwork is having it framed. We know what a hassle that can be and that's why Petrolified print formats are designed as ready to frame with off-the-shelf frames available worldwide.

Our personal favourite are the IKEA STRÖMBY frames. With their minimal look they don't distract from the artwork itself, are of great quality, affordable and available all around the world. Seriously, you'll have to see it to believe how much amazing the artwork looks framed. That said, if you aim for the highest standard, we'd suggest looking at bespoke framing services.

More details regarding framing, a how-to guide and several mock ups can be found here.



Petrolified goes above and beyond to ensure that your prints arrive to you in pristine condition.

First, each of their prints are carefully inspected before shipment and carefully packaged between two sheets of protective paper.

The print is then shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube to protect your artwork from any bending or curling. The tube is sealed by aluminium discs on both ends.

This ensures that your print looks great after making the long trip to your doorstep.