Just a little about me



I go by many names, namely Sonic or Scarlett to most of you although my actual name is Anand. Many of you who come to this website will know me from Instagram and thank you to everyone who has stuck with the two build journeys have showcased on there. 28, living in London and owner of a vintage fashion brand, I use Instagram to showcase my car for the world to see and as well as interact with the BMW/car community. I have met so many life long friends through this medium and therefore to this day it plays a very important part in my life!


There is no simpler way to explain this other than it just happened! In February 2016, one day after purchasing Scarlett (2015 F80 M3), I decided to use Instagram to upload content and share my build with everyone. Believe it or not, up until then I had never had an Instagram account. Before that point, I was used to sharing my build on forums. Whilst this was great, it was a little mundane and just too much effort to share things in real time and instantly which is what made Instagram perfect. It’s just been downhill from there.


I am self taught in most things I do and editing/photography was no different. Starting at a young age after school I would use Photoshop to “modify” cars virtually which taught me a lot about how editing tools work. Lightroom editing was a relatively recent development for me but the same skills passed over. I have always said you have to have an eye for these things, just as you would any other profession. Developing a distinct and particular style is very important to put your stamp on the work you produce, not just a logo or trademark.


The name really comes from the number plate from my builds. I always use the same plate over all cars I have ever owned and therefore it has a lot of sentiment. People generally tend to recognise me from my plate too, so I thought why not :).



If at all you have any questions about anything you see on here, feel free to contact me on Instagram @SonicF80. I answer almost every direct message so don’t be afraid to reach out even if you just want a chat :)